Osadchenko Nadezhda silk artist

Hello, my name is Nadezhda Osadchenko. I’m an artist from Russia Moscow. I’m graduated from the lyceum in the class of design and folk crafts, where I also studied batik painting of cloth 140 training hours + participation in exhibitions and ostation work. I’m a certified master of silk painting and woodcarving.

I have been painting silk paintings for over 10 years. I’ve been teaching batik to other people for 5 years.

Also I’m really like travels around the world where I draws inspiration for my works and collections.

I took part in the following exhibitions:

Central House of Painters «Picturesque Review» Moscow, 2017

Art Geo Award Art geography Moscow March 2017

«Batik -Fest 3» Moscow December 2016

Art Week in China (Beijing Art Week) Beijing 2015

Art Week in Portugal (Art Week in Portugal) Lisbon April 2014

Russian Week of Art Moscow November 2013.

NIHON NGO BI (the beauty of Japan) Moscow June 2011

Moscow Forum «Gifted Children» Moscow, February 1998, October 1998, February 1999.

«Russia is my love» Moscow 1999.

«Slovenia is a country of beauty, peace and friendship» 1999.

UNESCO «Nature and Creativity» 1998.

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